Healthy Sexuality – Jeremy Riddle

“SEXUALITY: Healthy sexuality can only be what God designed: between one man and one woman in the covenant of marriage. Period. If you believe the word of God supports ANY other form of sexual expression, you are deceived. Many people struggling with same sex attraction tell me “I have always felt this way for as long as I can remember.” I have never doubted it for a second. But has no one told you the hard truth about sexuality? That sexual attraction/desire MUST be trained and focused? That you must lead your body/desires and not let them rule over you or they will destroy your life? How many married men/women could make the same argument for polygamy? Could say “You know, as hard as I tried to push those feelings down, the truth is I’ve never been attracted to just one person. Clearly I’m made this way.” Guys, almost every single married person could have that story. But no, those with beautiful, thriving, sexually satisfying marriages have learned to HONOR their covenant by disciplining their hearts, training their eyes and focusing all their desire for sexual intimacy on their spouse alone. I understand disciplining a heterosexual desire may be far less complex than a homosexual one and I don’t pretend to fully understand the great pain and confusion surrounding this struggle. I am not without compassion, but we CANNOT bend the truth. The Christian life will never be anything less than taking God at His word and bringing our WHOLE lives into alignment. It may cost us many things, even a loss of sexual satisfaction in this life, but have we forgotten that Christians don’t live for this life but for eternity? That they have already laid down their lives for Jesus and acknowledged Him as worthy of their sexuality? Their WHOLE lives? Honoring God’s design for sexuality will be one of this generations greatest acts of worship. It will be costly but it will be HOLY. They will stand in the face of all the lies of the world telling them to be ruled by their desires and reply: “It is our JOY! It is our great DELIGHT to honor the Lord in our bodies! Even if our cross is abstinence and denying ourselves sexual pleasure, we will take it up and we will follow Jesus.”

Jeremy Riddle (@jeremymriddle on Instagram)

Expediting Your Recovery

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As we progress in our recovery journeys, sometimes it can feel that we go from one battle to another. And, in essence, this is true. One day the onslaught of fantasy & lust is as intense as it’s ever been. Some years later as we grow and heal, that battle doesn’t have the power over us it once had. The battles that once plagued us become as natural as breathing. And then what pops up? Another battle! Shame, anger, fear, insecurities…you name it, we have to deal with it. I’ve talked to so many men who want to “expedite” the process of recovery. Of course, they only “think” they want to do this. The real riches lie in the process…the journey…the day in, day out walk that takes place. That wholeness that the Lord wants for our lives is only found by going through, not around the challenges. Don’t try and rush the process today. There’s GREAT joy that can be found by simply trying to see what you’re learning through fear, through anger, through insecurities. It’s not only about how you can get out of it, but WHO you become because of it.