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Video: Can a person stop looking at porn but still be an addict?

Can a person stop looking at porn but still be an addict?

I love this question and have encountered it many times in my work with men throughout the years. One of the purity coaches I most respect is Michael Leahy, founder & CEO of BraveHearts, a faith-based, non-profit ministry, whose mission has been to lead people to freedom from sexual sin and sex addiction through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Recently, someone asked Michael this question:

“Can you define terms you use like slip, minor slip, relapse? If I have been successful in stopping porn use but unsuccessful in stopping acting out behaviors, how do I discern where I am at?”

I really loved his answer to the question. It’s both helpful and specific but really gets to the heart of the writer’s question. Listen to his answer below:

Source: BraveHearts