020: If we both enjoy watching pornography together, is it still a sin?

This week on Pure Gold, we visit a pretty controversial question in our culture today for many marriages: “If we both enjoy watching pornography together, is it still a sin” Wow! Frank shares a segment from the Fierce Marriage Podcast, hosted by Ryan & Selena Frederick. They both do a masterful job at answering this question and giving great instruction from God’s Word. Enjoy the podcast!

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Living In The Light


Recently, I was reminded of the power of this specific verse in 1 John. There’s a massive “If…Then” statement here that is especially significant for those walking in recovery too. God’s promises are powerful and this is one of those mighty promises! For this particular word, I think it’s helpful to look at it in reverse:

The blood of Jesus, [God’s son], continually cleanses us from all sin. And we will share UNBROKEN fellowship with one another. How does this happen? By reading this passage in reverse, we can see that the “then” really hinges on the “if”: If we keep living in the pure light that surrounds him.

Honesty precedes freedom. Openness occurs before healing. Transparency happens before restoration. Why must it be this way? Because God cannot give us true freedom, healing, and restoration in our lives until we’re ready to live in such a way where everything is exposed to the light. Where nothing is hidden. Where no secrets exist. I love how the Passion translation uses the word “unbroken” before the word fellowship. If we commit to a lifestyle of complete honesty, people can see through us and our relationship with God and others will be authentic…unbroken.

We cannot expect from God and yet be unwilling to give. To surrender. To give up. To open up. To be real. To walk in truth. Which is walking in His light.

Brian Simmons says in The Passion Translation: “Freedom from sin (which is mentioned seventeen times in 1 John) is equated to walking in the pure light of God — not simply a fleshly struggle but a desire to walk in fellowship with God in his light.” May our commitment this week be that God’s pure light shines on EVERYTHING within our lives, producing within us a desire to know and be known by our brothers and sisters in Christ.

It really is the only way to live.

The Process of Repentance by Jason Vallotton

As we prepare for the new year, you may be thinking about how you will live differently. Maybe you will eat healthier, join a gym or start that book you always wanted to write. Whatever it may be there is one common factor – change. Jason Vallotton shares insight on how repentance does not just mean to say “you’re sorry,” but rather it means to turn and change the way that you think.

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How Jesus Handled Sexual Sin (John 8)

In John 8, Jesus encountered a woman who was caught in adultery. Some religious guys wanted him to stone her – using the situation to try to trap Jesus – but his response is brilliant and instructive for Christians today.

Video Highlights:

  • First, Jesus paused. He didn’t jump to conclusions and get judgmental. That’s a good example for us today when we are confronted with someone’s sexual sin.
  • Second, Jesus addressed the accusers first. Jesus knew that they had their own sin to deal with, and he wanted them to be aware of it. Maybe he was writing the names of their mistresses in the sand.
  • Third, Jesus didn’t condemn her outright. He didn’t start throwing stones – or scripture arrows – at her. He had a tender heart toward her.
  • Fourth, Jesus got personal with her. He didn’t try to address this touchy issue in public. He waited until the crowd was gone, and then he talked about it.
  • Fifth, Jesus didn’t condone her sin. Jesus wasn’t afraid to call out her sin and challenge her to start living to honor God.

All kinds of sin abound today, but sexual sin is everywhere. If you’re trying to help someone get on the right path, do what Jesus did.

Source: PursueGOD