Are you protecting yourself online?

Are you protecting yourself online?

Every day, countless numbers of men are getting caught in the trap that is pornography. Porn addiction only starts with one click and by the time that one click is performed, it’s almost always too late.  What if there was a way in which to protect yourself and your family from pornography and other kinds of dangerous content online?

Covenant Eyes offers an incredible two-fold solution for keeping yourself safe and protected online: Filtering and accountability. It will block the material online that is offensive and harmful while simultaneously sending reports of your online activity to those you choose.  It’s the double edged sword of web protection.

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Purity Tip: Guard Your Eyes

The eyes are truly the gateway to the mind. What you look upon and allow into your head dramatically impacts your heart and soul. I’ve found that so many men struggle in public and in privacy with what they look at. Job 31:1 talks about making a “covenant”, or an “agreement”, not to look with lust at a young woman. The Message says, “I’ve made a solemn pact with myself never to undress a girl with my eyes.” Powerful words! And while it isn’t an easy pursuit, it’s totally worth it. Make agreements with your eyes that are healthy and lead to life, not lust.