025: Learning to Value the Process of Recovery

This week on the podcast, Frank talks about learning to value the process of our recovery, and not just the destination we have in sight. So often, it’s easy for us to only see the end game or the place that we want to get to. We forget about the incredibly special journey we’re currently on and what we’re learning about ourselves. There is so much gold to be found when we slow down and treasure the moments we’re living in.


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Expediting Your Recovery

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As we progress in our recovery journeys, sometimes it can feel that we go from one battle to another. And, in essence, this is true. One day the onslaught of fantasy & lust is as intense as it’s ever been. Some years later as we grow and heal, that battle doesn’t have the power over us it once had. The battles that once plagued us become as natural as breathing. And then what pops up? Another battle! Shame, anger, fear, insecurities…you name it, we have to deal with it. I’ve talked to so many men who want to “expedite” the process of recovery. Of course, they only “think” they want to do this. The real riches lie in the process…the journey…the day in, day out walk that takes place. That wholeness that the Lord wants for our lives is only found by going through, not around the challenges. Don’t try and rush the process today. There’s GREAT joy that can be found by simply trying to see what you’re learning through fear, through anger, through insecurities. It’s not only about how you can get out of it, but WHO you become because of it.

The Process of Repentance by Jason Vallotton

As we prepare for the new year, you may be thinking about how you will live differently. Maybe you will eat healthier, join a gym or start that book you always wanted to write. Whatever it may be there is one common factor – change. Jason Vallotton shares insight on how repentance does not just mean to say “you’re sorry,” but rather it means to turn and change the way that you think.

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