Leaving Fear In the Box: Thoughts from 2 Timothy 1:7

Understanding that fear isn’t something you have to live with is hard. But it’s not impossible. In this episode of Pure God, Frank shares from 2 Timothy 1:7 and encourages listeners to not allow fear to drive their lives, even in the midst of pandemics and elections. For more information on this podcast & other great resources, visit pflhome.com.



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Giving Power to Temptation

Temptations are only as strong as the power we give them..jpg

Remember 1 Corinthians 10:13 – NO temptation has overtaken you! Will we be tempted? Yes. Will we give in to temptation? Yes. But the reality is that temptation grows as we GIVE it power. If all we’re ever doing is taking a defensive posture against the things that trip us up, we’ll lose every time. But if we’re proactive and join arms with our brothers and sisters in the battle, we’ll grow stronger than we could ever imagine! As I tell many of the guys I work with: It takes practice, it takes work, but it’s worth every moment in becoming the person that God wants you to be! Fight hard today! Don’t give up the power & authority that is already yours through Jesus Christ!