Don’t Isolate During the Holidays

The holidays bring so much enjoyment, excitement, and plenty of hustle & bustle. But for many, it also brings stress, loneliness, even sometimes anger and bitter feelings. I’m encouraging the guys I work with (including myself) to not isolate during the holidays. If you catch yourself hiding behind the Christmas tree (isolating), ask yourself why. What’s going on in your heart that would cause you to hide and want to be alone? The potential for unhealthy things to happen only increases when we seclude ourselves from people. As cliche as it sounds, life truly does happen best in community. Every time. This year during the holidays, make sure you place yourself around life-giving people who want the very best for your life – people who will help draw you out of yourself. Not in intoxicating, self-harmful ways. But in ways of love, truth, and righteousness.

Isolation is a Powerful Lie


Thinking back on my days of active addiction, I remember what isolation felt like. It an odd sort of way, it felt safe. Secure. I was hidden from a world of judgement. No one knew about the sexually explicit material that I consumed. I was hidden (or at least I thought so) from dealing with the harsh realities of pain and the insecurities I felt about myself.

Little did I know for 13 years that all of this only fueled my addiction to pornography and kept me trapped. And there are so many today that live in that same sense of isolation — their stories waiting to be heard but only being buried down deeper and deeper. Friend – what feels like safety to you is actually pulling you further and further away from life. From love. From freedom. From health.

But as deep as you’re trying to bury yourself and hide yourself — hope is still within reach.


Emerging from isolation is probably harder to face than even the addiction itself. The shame is so great. The fear is monumental. And yet, hope is still alive.

You can find hope, help, and healing for your journey at Purity For Life. There’s TONS of resources from podcasts to articles to videos here on the website that are meant to help you live with sexual integrity through Jesus Christ.

Welcome to the journey.