Would you help support Purity For Life?

Would you help Purity for life_
Hey everyone! Happy (soon to be) 2019!!! Purity For Life has had an incredible year! There’s a lot hard work that goes into the ministry every year. Content is produced tirelessly to help individuals live with sexual integrity through Jesus Christ. And the work will continue into 2019!
But we need your help & support into the new year! In the six years Purity For Life has been around, we’ve never asked for support until now. And we understand there is a lot to give to at the end of the year but if you’ve been personally helped or know someone who has been helped by this ministry, would you consider giving to Purity For Life?
There are three different tiers of support you can choose from and you can either do monthly giving or a one time gift. It would be greatly appreciated! Please go here to learn how you can help support Purity For Life. Thank you so much! Happy New Year!!!

What Is The Underground?

The Underground has been one of the most influential ministries in my recovery from pornography addiction 9 years ago! I can’t say enough about how valuable this ministry has been to so many men. Exactly what is the Underground? Short answer: A ministry of Life Counseling Center helping men find freedom from sexual addiction. They offer opportunities such as support groups and intensive workshops designed to help men and their spouses walk from the pit of pain to place of purity & peace.

For more information, watch the video below and go here.