2 Reasons NOT to Watch Game Of Thrones

There’s been a lot of talk lately about “Game Of Thrones”, a popular TV show airing on HBO for the last several years. The series seems to be reaching it’s conclusion with a MASSIVE fan base to go along with it.

Let me be clear: I’ve never watched the show personally. Nor would I ever watch it. Why?

From the reviews I’ve read, GOT has some of the most hardcore, outrageous sexually explicit content on air today. For this reason alone I refuse to watch it. Why would I ever want to compromise character, integrity, morals, & convictions simply because of the “story” or “adventure” this show takes you through???

I really appreciatewhat spaker, blogger, and podcaster Matt Fradd has to say about this show in offering two reasons NOT to watch Game Of Thrones! Hope it’s encouraging to you too.