Is Porn Addiction in the Church Getting Worse?

The short answer: Yes.

Countless articles and blogs have been written on this subject over the years with numerous suggestions on why this could be happening. I’ve found one of those suggestions to be most satisfying and perhaps most accurate:


I could probably end this article with that last statement and that be a stark reminder, but if we’ve come to the realization that the Church isn’t talking about the reality and effects of porn addiction, WHY aren’t things changing?

Recently, XXXchurch released a mind-blowing stat: (see below)

Yes, you read it correctly…70%. Let that number soak in for a while. 7 out of every 20 people are (most likely) secretly struggling with pornography, sexual fantasy, and other related compulsive behaviors. My heart breaks as I don’t ever remember the number being this high before.

Which brings me back to my earlier point. What if this number were to go down if we were to simply start having the conversation IN the church, and yes, IN the pulpit about this incredibly destructive epidemic in our society? Yes, I know there are churches out there that are talking about this and finding freedom in their congregations. This is awesome! But there is still much more work we can do.

This issue becomes more complicated if (and when) we’re talking about the lead pastor of a church also being the one who is struggling. And I wonder if in many ways this enables a congregation to go silent when their Shepherd is secretly addicted?

In my experience, pastors and churches are way under equipped to be able to address this issue in a healthy way. They lack the resources, tools, finances, and sadly, the passion to know what to do.

I think it first starts with a sheer desire to see your life and the life of your congregation healthy & whole. Passion & conviction could be a whole other article, so we won’t go there today. But let’s assume if a pastor and a church is ready to tackle this issue head on, what do they do?

Enter Live Free: A private community for men seeking freedom from porn and lust. I can’t say enough good things about this ministry. And it’s not only because I’m a leader of one of the many support groups they offer for men. Live Free offers an incredibly unique experience for men. Offering weekly online support groups at virtually any time you need as well as additional community through the Live Free app you can download on any platform. Founder & executive director Carl Thomas has really created a quality opportunity for men to find freedom & community!

Along with Live Free, there are countless ministries (including this one) out there that are trying to help individuals find freedom every day. But I believe in the church it will only happen when someone decides to starts the conversation. It takes courage, conviction, and leadership to step out and be the first one. Let us at Purity For Life help you do that.

Here are some additional resources to help: