Support For Wives

Purity for Life exists to help individuals who are sexually addicted find freedom & healing from the things that have taken control of their lives. But we also believe that where there is an addicted husband who can’t stop looking at porn, there is also a struggling wife behind him who so desperately needs healing as well.

Tracey Honess has come alongside many women in the last several years, helping them walk through the betrayal they feel from their husband’s porn addiction. Here’s how she describes it:

“The ministry I never wanted….that is what came to my mind about 11 years ago when my husband started his journey of sexual recovery and freedom.  At first I thought it was just something he had to deal with, as if I was completely untouched by it.  I soon learned how untrue that was and I had to begin a journey of healing myself.  I’ll never forget telling the Lord, “I didn’t choose this…” Yet, the truth is I did. I chose to surrender my life to Christ and be used in whatever way He desired to draw people to know Him more. God has allowed Frank and myself to journey this road and help many others along the way.  I love seeing Jesus restore lives! Hope is real, and freedom and healing is possible.  I have loved sharing these truths with other wives and would love to encourage you too!”

If you are the wife of a man who’s struggling with a pornography or other sexually related addiction and need help, contact Tracey today! Please complete the form below and fill in all required information to send your message.