Shame Kills. Conviction Builds.

Shame and conviction are not the same. Shame causes you to question your value and worth while labeling you as unlovable due to the mistake you made. Conviction calls you to a higher standard and reminds you that you are a child of God who knows better. It’s important that we don’t mask self-punishment and shame as conviction! Conviction is healthy in our walk with God, it’s the way we grow and leave behind habits of sin!

⁠Source: Moral Revolution

Don’t Isolate During the Holidays

The holidays bring so much enjoyment, excitement, and plenty of hustle & bustle. But for many, it also brings stress, loneliness, even sometimes anger and bitter feelings. I’m encouraging the guys I work with (including myself) to not isolate during the holidays. If you catch yourself hiding behind the Christmas tree (isolating), ask yourself why. What’s going on in your heart that would cause you to hide and want to be alone? The potential for unhealthy things to happen only increases when we seclude ourselves from people. As cliche as it sounds, life truly does happen best in community. Every time. This year during the holidays, make sure you place yourself around life-giving people who want the very best for your life – people who will help draw you out of yourself. Not in intoxicating, self-harmful ways. But in ways of love, truth, and righteousness.

020: If we both enjoy watching pornography together, is it still a sin?

This week on Pure Gold, we visit a pretty controversial question in our culture today for many marriages: “If we both enjoy watching pornography together, is it still a sin” Wow! Frank shares a segment from the Fierce Marriage Podcast, hosted by Ryan & Selena Frederick. They both do a masterful job at answering this question and giving great instruction from God’s Word. Enjoy the podcast!

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