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Porn and Mental Health: 10 Facts from the Experts


Is porn use associated with greater mental health or the opposite? Here are 10 facts from the experts.

1. Multiple studies have shown that frequently viewing porn is correlated with more casual sexual partners, sex with friends, and sex at an earlier age. 1 2 3 4

2. According to a study of college-age men, the more men watch pornography, the more likely they are to have lower self esteem. 5

3. According to a study among adolescents, porn use is frequently associated with cheating on one’s girlfriend. 6

4. According to a study of Dutch adolescents, exposure to sexually explicit movies online is significantly correlated with the belief that women are sex objects. 7

5. According to another study in the Journal of Sex Research, the more frequent someone’s porn use is, the less satisfied they tend to be with sex and human relationships. 8

6. According to a study at the University of Sydney of 800 regular porn users, 20% said they prefer porn over sex with a partner. 9

7. According to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, just as it is with those who have substance dependencies, porn use was shown to interfere with someone’s working memory capacity. 10

8. According to a study published in the journal Human Brain Mapping, when men view porn the regions of the brain called the thalamus and hypothalamus are significantly activated. These are the regions responsible for some of our core drives like food, water, and sex. This means when men view porn, it doesn’t register to them as something they just desire. Their brain experiences it as a survival need. 11

9. According to a study of youth ages 10 to 17, there’s a significant correlation between watching porn and feelings of loneliness and major depression. 12

10. According to a study of adolescents from Israel, boys who viewed more porn were less likely to have pro-social attitudes, meaning they were less likely to desire or actually be involved in behaviors that benefited society as a whole. 13

The evidence is clear. Consuming porn is associated with all kinds of mental health concerns. We deserve better as a society. Our kids deserve better. The women in our lives deserve better.

As commonplace as porn use is today, if porn made us healthier, we would be healthy by now.

Source: Covenant Eyes

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Renovation of the Heart

Apart from Jesus, we cannot even hope to find true freedom. A relationship with Christ brings about HEART TRANSFORMATION, not just BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION. There are many great programs, books, & resources out there helping people get healthy, but if Jesus isn’t the one doing renovation in the heart, we will never become the men and women God wants us to be.

I’ll be talking more about this thought on the next podcast so stay tuned!!!

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Killing Kryptonite – John Bevere


John Bevere is someone that I respect very much – not only for his energy and passion, but His commitment to truly honoring the Word of God in a proper way. He’s recently come out with a book called “Killing Kryptonite” and has also released a devotional (which you can read through YouVersion). Today, day four of his devotional had some great thoughts on how we deal with sin in our lives. John even shares how he overcame his addiction to pornography earlier in his life! Great thoughts here!!

“There are three different scenarios when it comes to believers and sin.

First, there are professing believers who overlook sin because of hardened hearts. Second, there are professing Christians who believe the lie that we are all by nature sinners, that the blood of Jesus is powerful enough only to free us from the penalty of sin, but not from bondage to it. These two groups, being given to sin, are like kryptonite in the body of Christ, bringing weakness to the entire body because of their willful disobedience to Christ.

However, there is a third group—believers who are in a struggle to get free from sin. This is the group I want to talk to today.

The first thing I want to say is, Jesus will never stop forgiving you. He sees the torment your sin brings you every time you fall. He knows you truly want to be free. And by His grace, these words today can help you.

I was part of this group for many years because of an addiction to pornography. I became addicted several years before coming to Christ and even after getting married and working in ministry, I could not get free. I once had one of the most well-respected ministers in America lay hands on me and pray for me to be delivered from my addiction. None of it worked.

My freedom didn’t come until I changed my priorities. In the beginning, I wanted God to set me free because I was worried my sin would get in the way of my ministry. But then my heart shifted, and I began to focus on how my decisions were affecting my intimacy with Jesus. I started caring about how my sin affected God.

In 2 Corinthians 7:10, Paul contrasts two kinds of sorrows—Godly sorrow that leads to salvation, and worldly sorrow that brings death. My story illustrates both of these sorrows. At first, my sorrow was worldly, worrying about what would happen to me. But later, my sorrow became godly, concerned over how my sin hurt God and others.

Dear friend, God’s power is available to set you free from sin and give you a supernatural life. Pursue godly repentance, receive God’s forgiveness, and boldly live your new life in Christ.”