024: Avoiding Unhealthy Escape During Times of Crisis

What a crazy time we find ourselves in as the world battles the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We certainly need to be praying for healing for the sick and protection for those who are healthy. But this week on the podcast we want to focus on the temptation to try and escape the pressure, the stress, and the fear that comes along with this virus. It’s very easy for many in recovery to potentially slip back into old patterns of behavior with all the extra time home we have now. Screen time has increased and potentially isolation as well. So how can we avoid unhealthy escapes back into pornography? By allowing God’s Word to fill us and remind us that He is our safety and protection during this storm. We pray this podcast blesses your recovery journey.



If you and your spouse are struggling and would like help on your journey, please feel free to contact us! Or, if you’re a wife and need some extra help from another wife who’s walked through what you have, head on over to the “Support for Wives” section and shoot Tracey a message by filling out the contact form. All communication is strictly confidential.

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