022: 3 Steps to a Fresh Start in 2020

The turn into a new year is a great time to start fresh as many people set out to make New Year resolutions — hoping to keep them for as many months (or as many hours) as they can! But even just making a few adjustments in your life can be incredibly healthy. Maybe you’re in that place right now in your recovery journey where you just feel stuck. In this episode, Frank talks about three keys steps that an individual must take in their recovery journeys if they want long-lasting success. These are super important steps you can’t afford to miss! Enjoy the podcast!

If you and your spouse are struggling and would like help on your journey, please feel free to contact us! Or, if you’re a wife and need some extra help from another wife who’s walked through what you have, head on over to the “Support for Wives” section and shoot Tracey a a message by filling out the contact form. All communication is strictly confidential.

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