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Hey everyone! Happy (soon to be) 2019!!! Purity For Life has had an incredible year! There’s a lot hard work that goes into the ministry every year. Content is produced tirelessly to help individuals live with sexual integrity through Jesus Christ. And the work will continue into 2019!
But we need your help & support into the new year! In the six years Purity For Life has been around, we’ve never asked for support until now. And we understand there is a lot to give to at the end of the year but if you’ve been personally helped or know someone who has been helped by this ministry, would you consider giving to Purity For Life?
There are three different tiers of support you can choose from and you can either do monthly giving or a one time gift. It would be greatly appreciated! Please go here to learn how you can help support Purity For Life. Thank you so much! Happy New Year!!!

Holiday Purity Tips: Stay Rested

In what is quite possibly the most important holiday purity tip that impacts our physical and emotional health the most, getting proper rest probably tops the list. During sleep the brain performs so many incredibly helpful functions that we’re not even aware of including: reinforcing the immune system, resetting stress to zero, repairing the body physically, and even correcting traumatic moments that have occurred. That’s amazing!

So remember during the holidays the importance of rest. Even when you’re tempted to stay up late into the night with friends and family (or write an Instagram post like I’m doing right now), make sure you’re getting 7-9 hours of sleep. Your brain, your body, and your recovery will thank you!

Holiday Purity Tips: Stay Connected

Staying connected to your support people is so crucial during the holidays! We’re often surrounded by so many friends & family and yet we find ourselves struggling alone.

Make it your goal this holiday season to sit down with people who care about your heart & your recovery journey. Share with them how you’re doing, what questions you have, and seek the Lord together so you can become the man or woman that God wants you to be!

More holiday purity tips coming soon…

Holiday Purity Tips: Stay Focused

Merry Christmas to all from Purity For Life!!!

In the first of a series of holiday purity tips, Frank shares one of the most basic things you can do this Christmas & New Year’s for your purity journey: STAY FOCUSED.

It’s easy to get sidetracked and super stressed out during the holidays — it seems to happen every year! But we really need to pay close attention to what is going on inside of us. “What am I feeling?” “What are my triggers?” “Why am I feeling pulled to act out?” These are all incredibly valid questions to be asking.

The Lord wants to you to slow down and not only capture, but hold your heart close during the holidays. Do your best to stay focused!!!

More holiday purity tips coming soon…

The Process of Repentance by Jason Vallotton

As we prepare for the new year, you may be thinking about how you will live differently. Maybe you will eat healthier, join a gym or start that book you always wanted to write. Whatever it may be there is one common factor – change. Jason Vallotton shares insight on how repentance does not just mean to say “you’re sorry,” but rather it means to turn and change the way that you think.

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