003: How do I talk to my wife about my addiction?


This week, Frank and Tracey help answer a question from a man who’s getting ready to get married and wants to know how to talk to his (soon to be) wife about his addiction & his recovery? What does that conversation look like and how often should it take place? This is a super important question you don’t want to miss the answer to! Enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • What is FANOS? Click here to find out how this simple conversation tool can transform your marriage.

If you and your spouse are struggling and would like help on your journey, please feel free to contact us! Or, if you’re a wife and need some extra help from another wife who’s walked through what you have, head on over to the “Support for Wives” section and shoot Tracey a a message by filling out the contact form. All communication is strictly confidential.

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