Purity Tip: People, Places, & Things

Staying one step ahead in recovery means being aware of the people, places, and things that can lead us into places of temptation and struggle. Take an inventory of your own recovery to see what areas you might be missing. Here are some examples of each to help you get started:

1. PEOPLE – Ex-boyfriends or girlfriends, co-workers of the opposite sex (or same sex), strangers on social media. Bottom line: If there is a person you are continually triggered by, limit or discontinue communication with them.

2. PLACES – This can be anything from a particular location you pass on the way to work to the room in the house that has internet access and a door you can shut. Make it a point to take a new route to work and never isolate yourself from people.

3. THINGS – This one is the hardest! Because it can literally be anything that is triggering to you. Start  with helpful tools like BLAST (bored/burnt out, lonely, angry, apathetic, afraid, ashamed, abandoned, sad, stressed, selfish, tired) to help you put descriptors on what your triggers are.

Don’t get caught off guard in your pursuit for sexual purity! Learning yourself, your limits, your boundaries will help you stay one step ahead on your recovery journey!

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