Trapped in Addiction, His Lowest Point Changed Everything


In this episode of I Struggle. I Rise., we hear from Seth Dahl about his experience with drug addiction and how it brought him to the end of himself. Growing up in Iowa, attending a Christian school and being involved in church from a young age, Seth knew that his involvement with drugs was only bringing him harm, but he couldn’t give it up.

Reflecting on the disappointment and pain he experienced in childhood, Seth can now clearly see his efforts to numb the pain he had never been able to talk about. He recognizes that, if we don’t have healthy ways to process and move past the pain that is building up, we turn to alternative methods to just make it stop, saying:

“Addiction comes down to…trying to have a connection and relationship with a substance rather than people or God.” Yet it’s when we are isolated from people that we are precariously vulnerable, Seth shares, admitting that “Staying alone is the most dangerous place a person can be.”

Eventually progressing to heavy narcotics, both abusing and selling them, Seth ended up having an emotional breakdown after consumption of a hallucinogen. He remembers lying on his bed, saying to himself, “I wish I would’ve listened to my parents. I wish I would’ve listened to my pastors. I wish I would’ve listened to my teachers. I wish I could start my life over.”

What came out of his mouth next surprised him: “Out of nowhere, I said, ‘I wish I could just be born again.’” As soon as he said that, he heard a voice as clear as if any person was speaking to him.

What did the voice say that caused Seth to weep, and allowed his life to begin afresh, with the heavy weight lifted off of his soul? Watch the video above to hear the rest of Seth’s story—a story of hope found within a moment of deep desperation, hope that still sustains Seth to this day.

Source: LightWorkers

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