How Jesus Handled Sexual Sin (John 8)

In John 8, Jesus encountered a woman who was caught in adultery. Some religious guys wanted him to stone her – using the situation to try to trap Jesus – but his response is brilliant and instructive for Christians today.

Video Highlights:

  • First, Jesus paused. He didn’t jump to conclusions and get judgmental. That’s a good example for us today when we are confronted with someone’s sexual sin.
  • Second, Jesus addressed the accusers first. Jesus knew that they had their own sin to deal with, and he wanted them to be aware of it. Maybe he was writing the names of their mistresses in the sand.
  • Third, Jesus didn’t condemn her outright. He didn’t start throwing stones – or scripture arrows – at her. He had a tender heart toward her.
  • Fourth, Jesus got personal with her. He didn’t try to address this touchy issue in public. He waited until the crowd was gone, and then he talked about it.
  • Fifth, Jesus didn’t condone her sin. Jesus wasn’t afraid to call out her sin and challenge her to start living to honor God.

All kinds of sin abound today, but sexual sin is everywhere. If you’re trying to help someone get on the right path, do what Jesus did.

Source: PursueGOD

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