184: BLAST – A Tool For Understanding Triggers


This week on the podcast:

02:28 – BLAST – A Tool For Understanding Triggers
08:09 – #THANKFUL Series Preview
14:26 – What is Holiness? by The Bible Project
21:02 – The Mind of Christ by Bill Johnson

Show Notes:

If you and your spouse are struggling and would like help on your journey, please feel free to contact us! Or, if you’re a wife and need some extra help from another wife who’s walked through what you have, head on over to the “Support for Wives” section and shoot Tracey a a message by filling out the contact form. All communication is strictly confidential.

CA Bills Threaten Mental Health Providers

Happy Saturday everyone! We definitely need to be praying for our brothers and sisters at Bethel Church in Redding, California – and ULTIMATELY the state of California and the world.

PFL has just learned of some very disturbing legislation slated to pass in California that would attempt to prohibit mental health providers from helping individuals with same-sex attraction! This is only the tip of the iceberg too! There are a total of three bills in play. I talk about this more in the video I just posted to social media.

Check out the video below & go here to learn more & help!

#THANKFUL Series Preview

IMG_7344.jpgHey everyone! We’re super excited to be starting a new series on the podcast & on Instagram called #THANKFUL!!! Learning the value of what we have and what we’ve been given has the potential to unlock so much freedom in recovery. It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to be thankful! 🙂 Over the next several weeks we’ll be looking at the different areas we should be thankful for. Don’t miss it!!

What Is The Underground?

The Underground has been one of the most influential ministries in my recovery from pornography addiction 9 years ago! I can’t say enough about how valuable this ministry has been to so many men. Exactly what is the Underground? Short answer: A ministry of Life Counseling Center helping men find freedom from sexual addiction. They offer opportunities such as support groups and intensive workshops designed to help men and their spouses walk from the pit of pain to place of purity & peace.

For more information, watch the video below and go here.