Sobriety: All I Want For Christmas


Each year as Fall roles around many of us hear some of these questions from our spouses: “What do you want for Christmas?”, “What’s on your Christmas list?”, and “Any surprises you want from Santa this year?” Well, truth is I stopped believing in Santa a long time ago, but there is one gift that comes to mind.  I know it’s a costly gift, one that takes time, focus, energy, relentless pursuit and sacrifice….but it’s all I want for Christmas!

I’ll admit I’m your typical girl when it comes to gifts — I love jewelry, clothes, massages, candy, and flowers are always a nice touch!  Come on, who wouldn’t melt at receiving any of those gifts!  There are numerous things I could place on my Christmas list, but the one that truly melts my heart is knowing my spouse is walking in sobriety.

The greatest and most precious gift I could receive from my spouse year after year is confidence in his sobriety.  This is a gift that benefits not just me and my husband, but our children and those we minister to as well.  There is a peace, trust and security that grows with each passing day as my husband is pursuing purity and having victory.

What I love most about the gift of sobriety is that I don’t have to wait for Christmas to receive it.   It’s a year round blessing to me, one that I treasure and love being reminded of often.  As for this girl’s Christmas list, I’ll take faithfulness over flowers any day.

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