3 Recovery Presents You Should Open This Christmas


Merry Christmas from Purity For Life! One of the most popular and helpful features in this ministry has always been the podcast. We’re almost up to episode 180! It’s almost Christmas and I wanted to go back to one of the best holiday episodes we’ve ever had. This one comes from episode 113 entitled: “3 Recovery Presents You Should Open This Christmas”. The Bible tells us that we should guard our hearts ABOVE ALL ELSE. In other words: Your heart is the most valuable possession you own!

If you’re walking in recovery or even if you’re trying to break free from addiction, I pray this podcast will be a blessing in your life this Christmas season!

Character Means Everything

This is a massive statement. My character is everything. My integrity means infinitely more than I can ever imagine. Even the simple things…like our thoughts, our motivations, our desires – the things we would consider to be so small are so monumental according to our Father in Heaven. It all matters. I’m more convinced of this today as a husband and father of two than I ever have been. I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit who convicts when necessary and comforts constantly. I’m thankful for the Son, Jesus, who is an ever present reminder that the right choice can be made no matter what, and I’m ultimately thankful for a Father who never stopped chasing His children, even when they were at their worst.

“Because of my integrity you uphold me and set me in your presence forever.” Psalm‬ ‭41:12‬ ‭NIV

Feelings in Recovery


Feelings are totally important when measuring what’s going on internally. But if there’s no long-term focus on the people that God is calling us to be and how we’re committed to getting there, then we’re not going to be as successful as we could be if we had that long-term focus. It takes a serious tenacity and endurance to not only embrace my feelings as real, but also to not get lost in them.

177: False Starts In Recovery


This week on the podcast we talk about false starts in recovery. What does that mean? Oftentimes, those coming out of addiction begin their recovery with a lot of momentum and great intentions for freedom only to run into a lot of challenges along the way. What are two keys for long-term growth that is sustainable? Frank talks about two reasons why false starts happen in recovery from sex addiction and how to achieve tangible long-lasting growth.

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